Have you ever taken the time to truly reflect on who you are and what that means for your life? In other words, getting to know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses? As a Life and Career Coach, I have had some people feel awkward about doing this for it felt a little selfish. I have had people say they were too busy to do this and considered it a luxury. Others were concerned about what they might uncover. Why is self reflection so important?

Let’s look at what the consequences would be if you didn’t pursue times of self-reflection and awareness.

You stay stuck

You continue to make the same mistakes in significant life choices and don’t understand why. You are not moving forward in a career and become very frustrated; but, you are not sure what to do about it. You are afraid of trying something different for what if you fail? But what if finding out more about yourself can give you more confidence and move you in a more positive direction?

Not understanding how your weaknesses affect others

Self-reflection will reveal some not so lovely personality traits. But what if you were to compare who you want to be versus the person you are presenting to the world? Yes, it may bring forth some difficult things and suddenly you are faced with a choice: make some changes or do nothing. Example: You are a creative type and with this trait, you are challenged with being on time. So what do you do? Use it as an excuse when your boss or professor calls you on it, or decide to do whatever it takes to be on time? Becoming self-aware helps you to understand how this weakness affects others and it can spur you on to make hard, but good changes.

Never celebrate how amazing you are

Everyone is so incredibly unique and has talents that are spectacular. So many of us concentrate on what we are bad at or wish we could be like “that other successful person”. Discovering more about you will help you understand your weaknesses; but, it will also reveal a ton of good stuff! It is a snapshot of what you are good at, how you are wired, and how this relates to the world and others. Understanding this and embracing this is a cause for celebration. You are amazing. Period.

There are more consequences to not taking time to do a little self-reflection but I think you get my point. Some people can do this on their own and some people don’t know where to start. If you don’t know how to begin this and feel it is crucial that you do so, call me, Coach Sally at 612-327-3684. Or, check out my coaching packages: https://thedogoodcompany.com/services .

I’d love to help you navigate the “Who Am I” journey.