Are you unsure of how to answer that question everyone is asking you—“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Or—“What are you doing after high school?”

These questions can feel incredibly overwhelming. The Do Good Pathway program combined with one-on-one coaching can help you navigate these questions. We start by learning all we can about you which is so important in finding your best fit for college and career. Then we look at possible majors, schools and careers. We try to make it a fun and easy process!

Getting you to the place of where you feel good about who you are and the path you are going on is our #1 priority!!!

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There are times in our personal or professional lives when we feel unsure of what path we should take or have trouble making decisions. A life coach can filter all the information you have that is causing confusion and assist with clarity and actionable next steps. It’s important to look at how you are wired, what your values are and what your “why” is, personally and professionally. Often solutions are within us, but unreachable. A life coach can help bring solutions to the forefront by asking lots of focused questions. You never know—you could be a few conversations away from doing good!



With my 30 years of experience in developing two businesses, I can assist you finding clarity in yours.

Ways I can help:

+ You have hit a plateau in your business and need help to get to your next level of success.
+ You want to develop or redo your marketing program.
+ You are ready to change careers and need direction.
+ You are dissatisfied in your present position and wonder why.


Can life coaching help you?